Throwing Shot Put

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The truth, however, is that a great deal of shot put technique is involved in any throw, and any excellent champion of the shop that is extremely technically proficient at their own discipline. In order to become proficient yourself, you may want to consider these tips.

One top tip to remember in any type of athletic discipline is to make sure you always warm up before any session. Woman up can help you avoid injury and will give you the best chance of performing in addition to possible. Focus on both the upper and lower body, as both will be needed for the shot.

When you begin your actual throw you will need to stand towards the back of the throwing circle with the shot held in the back of your neck.

Your body should always, of course say, stay in the circle once you thrust forward and you should keep it as low as you can. Together with your legs, thrust your entire body forward with as much momentum as you can provide and so as to offer great leveraged for your throw.

Twisting your hips first will create maximum power and then you can bring your shoulders forwards to meet up with the rest of your body by swinging around your fresh arm. This specific movement is known as the glide.

In regards to the actual throw most of the work should have already been put in by the rest of your body, but there is still work to be accomplished. Extend your throwing arm as far forward as possible to make maximum advantage, and always flick your wrist in the last moment for extra momentum.

After any training session be sure you warm down properly as to prevent injury.

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