Things to do in San Fran

San Francisco, California, City, Urban

Even though San Francisco is only 49 square miles and quite a small geographic area, it’s still a big city in connection with amenities and attractions. Plus, this more congested city means it is possible to see more things within a shorter time period.

Golden Gate Bridge

One of the world’s most famous bridges, the Golden Gate Bridge with its art deco detailing and graceful lines spans 1.7 miles. For simplicity in accessing the bridge, there’s also a pedestrian walkway to cycle or walk across. Additionally, the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most photographed structures on the planet.

Cable car ride

Cable cars are a favorite form of transport along the city streets and have been in use since the 1870’s. There are 3 paths that operate via underground cables to help the cable cars move on the tracks. Riding a cable car is inexpensive, usually $7, and a gives a perfect opportunity to see some of the spectacular scenery and celebrated hills.


A trip to Alcatraz Island is certain to provide among the most interesting San Francisco attractions. It was a prison that’s situated on an island in San Francisco Bay and housed many of the most infamous criminals in the country. Because of the popularity of the fascinating destination, it benefits to book tickets early to make it feasible to visit at the preferred time. An entire cell-house tour is provided to make it feasible to learn all about the prison grounds and buildings.

Pier 39

Pier 39 is a favorite destination for tourists to visit and includes a variety of shops, street performers, animal removal company, video arcades, and waterfront restaurants. One of the most appealing elements of Pier 39 is the sea lions which are frequently seen on the floats at the marina. Additionally, other attractions local to the area include Ripley’s Believe It or Not! , Madame Tussauds, and the San Francisco Dungeon.

Union Square

For the serious shoppers deciding about what to do in San Francisco the small boutiques and large department stores in the Union Square area are certain to appeal. The Westfield San Francisco Center is centrally located and gives access to some of the most prestigious lifestyle, beauty, and style shops.

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