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Dubai is considered as one of the most exciting cities in the full Middle East Asia. It was only less than 50 years ago when Dubai was still a small fishing village city on the border of the desert. Today Dubai is now an ultra modern city with more than two million individuals. Dubai is situated in the center of the west coast of the UAE.

Culture Aspect

The city is full of traditional Arabic culture, also endowed with western influences. The city attracts millions of people from all corners of the world. They are all pursuing in their own Dubai dream. Ramada is the annual Muslim festival involves sacrifice and worship. Dubai has its origins in its religion. You will find beautiful mosques spread all around the city. You have to make sure to visit them. However, it is important to remember to dress appropriately.

Places of visit

Marhaba delivers a swift and smooth passage through the city. The city is located between a sea and desert. To get an extraordinary experience, a helicopter ride is a must. Flying between the enormous skyscrapers is an incredible experience.

The Burj Khalifa is one of the world’s tallest buildings. It’s 828 meters long. In the lower section of the grave, the people can head up to have a look at the panoramic view.

The majority of the countries play Polo sports, but Dubai is known for camel Polo is an Arabic twist to conventional Polo.

Located in the downtown of the Dubai Sukhar Bahai is a classic marketplace for shopping.

Business Aspect

In the heart of the city, there are two neighborhoods, each with the very distinct character. On the one side is the downtime with all its iconic side and on the other hand is the business heart of the city- the DIFC city. The contemporary architecture in the region captivates the mind of the visitor’s imagination. The city is dedicated to all the financial institutions with including a excellent art gallery and restaurants with big names and big brands. There are lots of business investment opportunities in the country. Construction, food and snacks, animal pest removal, oil and gas, security, transportation and tourism are the top 6 business sectors contributing a major share in the market of the country. Food trade stinks professionally worldwide. And Dubai is not an exemption to this fact. There’s always been a high demand for snacks and foods industry. In addition to this, the packing companies in Dubai posted a modest growth during the recent years. The growth largely contributed from the GDP. The market is estimated to reach over US $80,084 in 2016 which implies that people will spend more on the food and bite, which propel the development of packaging companies in Dubai.

Educational Aspect

The population of Dubai was estimated to be 2.2 million for the year 2013, which was forecasted to reach 3.5 million by the year 2020. Dubai’s private education sector has developed over the past decades to imitate eventually Dubai’s growing population, cultural shifts

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